I believe that we are all doing the best we can with what we have. We develop skills that help us function in life, and when life situations change, it is often time to learn new skills. I can help you discover those skills by shining a light on solutions you already have, or teaching you new ways of approaching the world.

I view myself as an experienced guide, walking with my clients in their world in order to understand and support them to move in the directions that they want to go.

I am an experienced therapist in Santa Cruz who has the natural ability to make almost anybody feel comfortable. I have a compassionate and relaxed personal style, which can be  good potential fit for therapeutic work with people of many ages sand backgrounds, including individuals, couples and families. As a male therapist in Santa Cruz, I am in a position to connect particularly easily with guys.  I also work well with couples, because I am able to see multiple points of view and I have a disarming presence, which makes me more approachable for those who may initially be hesitant about coming to therapy.